Ten Seven Acres

About Ten Seven Acres

Over a decade ago, we had the opportunity to put our own unique stamp on a rural property south of Fargo. What started off as us “playing farm” in the countryside morphed into more than we could ever imagine.

Today, Ten Seven Acres is primarily an alpaca ranch specializing in raising quality fiber-producing animals. We don’t breed specifically for ribbons or for bloodlines (although, those are appreciated). Instead, we breed first for character and quality. We think that huggability is just as important as fiber density or micron count.

Usually about 20-25 fantastic (and, we admit, award-winning) alpacas call Ten Seven Acres home. Our goal is to become the destination for quality fiber, superior animals, and a very real approach to raising alpacas.

FREE tours of the farm are available during our open farm events.
Please see the events page for more information.

Private tours or special events are considered for other dates, please contact us for more info.

-Dirk and Jessie Monson